Discover Your True Identity: An 8-Week Journey on Body Image & What It Truly Means to be Beautiful

This world loves to lie about what it means to be beautiful. Another curated bikini vacation picture on Instagram. A friend on Facebook who always seems to have the perfect fitting jeans, flawless hair, and a latte in hand. These things aren’t wrong, but if you’re like the rest of us, it’s easy for envy and despair to creep in. It’s easy to develop a warped view of what it means to be pretty, or put together, or beautiful, or valued. It’s easy to believe we’re not good enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough. It’s easy to lose sight of who we truly are.

Join Alyssa Bethke and Sadie Robertson for an 8-week study as they help you battle those lies. This journey will give you practical, step by step tools for maintaining a healthy body image, and discovering what it truly means to be made in the likeness of our Creator God.



Are you or are you not a daughter of the TRUE King?

We Are Not Alone

Women are constantly bombarded with “perfection.”

It's the high-heeled (and all-too-revealing) slow-motion body-shot in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. It’s the black hole you got sucked into when you clicked on that Instagram hashtag. It’s the Gala coverage trending on Snapchat with every media outlet weighing in about how gorgeous the celebrities are.

It’s phone-filtered airbrushed models. Everyday bloggers who blog with the perfect hair and skin. Girls at school or work who always seem to be in shape and wearing the cutest outfits. It’s Kardashian culture. It’s your best friend, who you swear doesn’t even have to try.

But is that really what “perfect” means?

Make this day the day you find freedom

From lies.

From traps.

From anxiety about how you look.

From other people’s perceptions of you.

From the burden of people pleasing.

From living beneath the weight of past mistakes.

There is freedom. And you can have it.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…"

Jeremiah 1:5



The Finding Freedom Workshop is an online video course for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes – and we use those words intentionally. No matter who you are, where you’re at in life, or what you look like, we’re willing to bet you can relate to the insecurities that sometimes plague all of us: "Am I pretty enough? Thin enough? Big enough? Fit enough? Good enough? Am I ____________ enough?” Fill in the blank. We’ve been there. But let us be the first to say: YOU. Are. Enough. Let's replace the lies that we have believed about ourselves with the unshakeable truths of Scripture: we were knit together uniquely and wonderfully by a loving Creator, known and loved even before the foundations of the world. Finding Freedom – and the community of women you’ll meet here – will give you a safe space and practical steps to be honest about the way you see yourself so that you can begin looking into the mirror through God’s eyes and love the woman staring back at you.

8 Part Video Series

Ever had a vulnerable, heart-to-heart conversation with your best friend over a good cup of coffee, or maybe a glass of wine? The kind that fills your heart and refreshes your soul? Where you leave going ‘yes!’ It’s refreshing and fulfilling, and your soul feels stronger and at rest. These eight, hope-filled and practical videos were designed to feel a lot like that. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat! Join Sadie and Alyssa as they take you on a journey through Scripture, bringing to light what God says about us.


In conjunction with your video experience, you’ll receive the Finding Freedom workbook: a guided journey through the Scriptures, complete with questions for deeper reflection and conversation – be it in your prayers, or with other women walking by your side. Alyssa and Sadie will suggest practical exercises for you to begin to live out of your new identity – free in Christ to be both honest about your struggles and full of the joy that comes from being understood.

Private Facebook Group

Gain immediate, exclusive access to our private "Created to Be Free" Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to connect with other women who are learning to love themselves (and one another) the way that their Heavenly Father does. Enjoy those heartfelt, “cup of coffee” moments with others on the journey, and participate in a Weekly, LIVE Q&A with some of our friends that we’ll introduce throughout this series, where no question is off limits, and no one goes unheard.


It has been said that we must daily preach the truth to ourselves just as much as we are responsible for sharing it with anyone else. Whether you’re here as a woman in crisis, or just looking for community – as someone wrestling through pain, or merely desiring a practical way to be reminded about the truth of who you are – we want to be a part of your journey. The level of personal dissatisfaction that more and more women are experiencing in our plastic, appearance-trumps-everything culture is on a devastating rise, but God is not dissatisfied with you, and neither should you be. Let us share our stories of discontent with you. Perhaps you will relate. But let us also share the freedom that has come from seeing ourselves as God does. Perhaps it – and the tools he gave us in the process – will be your key to Finding Freedom.


2 Different Finding Freedom Packages

Each package comes with instant access to the 8-part video series with Alyssa and Sadie, the electronic version of their workbook, and access to the private community group, plus more.

Finding Freedom DIGITAL ONLY Package


One Time Purchase - Lifetime Access

  • The Videos
  • The Workbook (eBook)
  • Private Facebook Group

Finding Freedom Package


One Time Purchase - Lifetime Access

  • The Videos
  • The Workbook (physical copy)
  • The Workbook (eBook)
  • Private Facebook Group

Fearfully and Wonderfully… You

We created Finding Freedom to help women (including ourselves!) discover and foster a positive body image, and we believe that the best way to do it is by going straight to the Source, and seeing what He has to say about us.

We could share stats galore about the devastation caused by a negative self-image, and we will share our own stories of depression and feelings of worthlessness (and – in the worst of times – the eating disorders those feelings can create), but for the time being, we’ll say this:

There is hope, and you are not alone.

You are beautiful just the way God made you.

Even if you don’t have the faith to believe those truths today, join Finding Freedom, and we’ll give you some of ours until you do.



Get a special rate when you have a small group of 5 or 10 ladies.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Since it's an eight-week study, do I get one video a week for eight weeks? No, once you buy the package you want, you get instant access to the eight videos. You can watch them whenever you would like at your own pace.

Q. Can I download the videos?
Videos cannot be downloaded. But you can watch them as many times as you’d like while logged on to the website or streamed on your phone or TV.

Q. I bought Finding Freedom and I can't remember where to log on to watch my videos. You can login to your workshop videos here. If you forgot your password, you can request one here.

Q. Is the Finding Freedom Experience a one-time fee or billed monthly? All our packages are one time fee.

Q. Is my billing & credit card information safe? Absolutely. Finding Freedom is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

Q. What should I expect to receive in the mail? Depending on what package you buy, you will get Finding Freedom workbook.

Q. Is the Finding Freedom Workshop only for women who have had an eating disorder? This is not a course about eating disorders. Any woman can benefit from this workshop as we highlight body image and identity in Christ.

Q.  Can I order extra workbooks?
If you have purchased one of the series, we will send you a link after to order additional workbooks if you need.

Q. If I still have questions, who do I contact?
Please email [email protected] with any questions!

"Finding Freedom is a great resource. I particularly enjoyed how it perfectly entwined both Alyssa and Sadie’s own personal journeys alongside practical guidance. The videos feel like fun and life giving conversations with friends, yet are powerful, deep and compelling. I hope girls are able to use this resource to soak up Biblical wisdom and let go of crippling misconceptions and lies in order to live out the Freedom which our Father wants for us."


"Finding Freedom is a powerful tool that has transformed my heart and soul. I have been struggling with body image issues for most of my life, but I have never experienced healing like Finding Freedom was able to show me. I was able to find the root of my pain and walk with the Lord while he healed me. I cannot thank Alyssa and Sadie enough for creating this course!"


"I spent hours watching perfect girls online, wishing I was them. Then, when I was ‘one of them,’ I still wasn’t happy, content or at peace with myself. Social media is not real life."


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